Sunday, March 20, 2011

Krabi March 2011

I started off 2011 with a short trip down to Krabi, Southern Thailand.
I had high expectations of Krabi. I expected blue waters, white sandy beaches, tropical paradise.

Tropical paradise, Yes.
Azure waters with white sandy beaches. Not so much.
Maybe not in Ao Nang.

So i spent 3D2N in Ao Nang, Krabi n stayed in KL House Aonang.
Great budget accommodation. Highly recommended because of the friendly English speaking staffs, comfortable stay, clean rooms, good location, cheap breakfast, n offering a very affordable price.

A standard room goes at 900baht per nite. Sleeps two. Air Con. Hot shower. TV. Comfy bed. Quiet.
Can try emailing for special price n u could get away with 800baht/nite. :)

Took up a 4 island tour for 750baht/pax.
Songthaew pickup from guesthouse at 0830 am n leave for Island hopping adventure at NopparatThara beach boat area at 0900 am. Went to Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island, Phranang Cave on Railay Beach.
Package includes a 'survivor' style lunch on the beach. (Mine was at one the isolated beach on Chicken island, VERY beautiful, soft white sand, very clear blue/azure water, IM A HAPPY GIRL!)
Lunch consisted of a bucket of white rice, sweet & sour fish, stir fried mixed vegetables, chicken drumlets, sunny side up eggs, slices of watermelons or pineapples, bottles of Coke or mineral water. They laid all the dishes out on a mat, n u take a plate n cutleries n u scoop some on ur plate. Very 'Survivor, Chicken Island'. Haha. I liked that lunch concept. Gives me a feel that im really on a tropical island.

Snorkelling was fun, i dunno how to swim for nuts, but tried it anyway. Snorkelling gear n life vest are provided.
There was no shopping for knicknacks or snacks whatsoever on all these 4 islands. Unlike the PhiPhi tour.

I reached the guesthouse at 4pm, n i was black/red in colour. So freakin' tanned, n red bcuz of the sunburn.

At night, we walked ard Ao Nang area for a good chillout place over drinks n finally settled at Coconut Bar.
The junkies/Rastaman-fail guys who hangs out infront of that establishment who also works/runs that place CLEARLY favours the White tourists more (they just brush me off n ask me sit at another table with uncomfy seats n no clear view of the live band just because there's a couple of white tourists approaching the establishment looking for seats/table, Bloody Idiot)

I even saw one of them push/sell drugs to one White Male tourist who walked pass by, n signalled for some 'stuff'. Felt unsafe, n left for Eagle Bar just two doors down. Firedance show or not (Big signboard raving about their nightly fire show outside the establishment), I am well aware when I'm not wanted. *sniff

I had more fun chilling n enjoying my Singhas at Eagle Bar. And the singer there was much more welcoming n made small talks in between songs with the patrons. Totally unpretentious.

All in all, Krabi was beautiful (albeit, BORING,), i enjoyed it n the real locals there are so warm n friendly.
But i guess I've left my heart in Bali......

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And so, here's a breakdown of what's coming soon.

24-29 Oct 2010 - Bali
25 Nov - Wowo's Bday
27-28 Nov - SGH Dinner & Dance cum surprise celebration for Wowo.
11 Dec - ZOUKOUT!
31 Dec - NYE @ Marina Bay Sands

12-15 Feb - Bali or Krabi for Valentine's Day
28 Feb - Your's Truly Birthday. Aussie? NZ? Gulf of Thailand's many islands?
16 Apr - 23 Apr - Thai Invasion! BKK, HKT, KPG!! Full Moon Partttaayyy!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ HAHAHA! Hope everything goes as planned!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bali Again

Its been awhile isnt it?

So im going to Bali again this 24-29 Oct 2010 with Elfira and will be staying at Taman Sari Cottages along Poppies lane 2.
I initially wanted to stay in Gora Inn but Fira's not into it. Cuz Gora has super basic rooms n she's not feeling it.
Its alright with me, cuz ultimately, what matters is that we'll be having fun outdoors and not in the hotel, so im alright.

But i LOVE Gora! The whole compound just has a real good vibe! Its good for networking n making new friends with other travellers alike, talking crap, sharing travelling stories over mushies or some Bintangs.. I dont mind that the rooms has no air con, or that the toilet n rooms are really sparse. Or that the only way for u to clean up after urself after u piss or shit is by standing under the built in shower head. Haha! I just LOVE Gora and it's whole positive vibe! :)

Since its Fira's birthday on the day we arrive, im intending to bring her over to Rock Bar in Jimbaran. Catch the sunset, over a few mojitos maybe, just something upscale, for her birthday. :) And maybe even visit Gitgit Waterfalls on the 2nd day, basically to do something, visit someplace that we've never been to in Bali. Kuta can be a bore if u're there everyday, doing nothing but shop shop shop. I dont really fancy shopping in Kuta cuz everything is freakin expensive there. the place is like the epicentre of tourists, they can afford to jag up the price. :(

Wish me luck for this trip cuz it's gonna be just the two of us girls, taking Bali by storm. Haha. (Even though its gonna be my 4th time visiting Bali now, i feel that with everytime i visit the place, im always learning n discovering new things/places there!)

Feel free to ask me anything u wanna know. Abt anything at all. :D
With Love,
Kira Yamagata

Friday, June 25, 2010


Everyone has dreams, some big, some small.
Some important, some menial.
Some dream big, some dream n stay rooted to reality..

My dream is to bring my parents, family, on an airplane to a holiday destination..
My dream is to be able to drive my parents around wherever, whenever they want me to..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Im a very superstitious person.
I dont wear henna,
I dont like to receive jewellery as gifts frm bf,
I dont like to wear traditional malay costumes that makes me looks like im abt to get engaged or married in,

for the simplest reason,
that im afraid it will lose it's special meaning when the real time comes.

With Love,

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have yet to blog abt my 2nd Bali experience last March
So here goes,

We took a night flight out to Bali (DPS) with AirAsia and reached DPS at night abt 11:30pm
But still, finding a cab out to Kuta (or whatever your destination in Bali might be, ur hotel location) is not hard.
after leaving the airport, turn right n you'll see booths of taxi operators. Name ur destination, and the taxi operators will name a price, negotiate if u want to n try other operators ard the same area if u dont like the price they offer. (Kuta should be abt 50,000, n Legian area abit more n the price increases with the distance)

us foolin' ard in our seats

the ULTRA cute flight attendant who lent us a pen *grins*


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Phi Phi
Koh Samui
Koh Phangan
Lombok & Trawangan Islands
India - Goa
India - Andaman & Nicobar Islands
New York
any Caribbean Islands (added bonus)
St Tropez (added bonus)
Bora Bora (added bonus)

all these places, n i'd die happy!